Public Update incoming! Featuring: The Conductor!

Hey all! Since our uproarious release in May just before Nyakuza Metro dropped, we've been working on the next update to release to the public. While summer has slowed down our development, we're still making headway. Currently, we're working on adding the first two days of the Conductor's route to our public build, and with that, we also have several changes in UI, the gallery setup, animations, and new music and art!

Please stay tuned for the Conductor's time in the spotlight!

Signed, Lethal-Highway

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Has the update come out?

We're not finished yet, no. Our development has slowed a lot since school started back up again for the vast majority of the team, so we still have a good bit of work left to do.

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when will it be finished? also lol my name

I don't have a date yet, sorry. We're waiting on the last assets to get finished. Please remember, none of us can do this full-time, especially since we can't make money off this or be paid.

We all have school, work, etc. This is purely a part-time project, so having deadlines and timeframes aren't really doable.

Will I have to manually download the update from here or will the game update automatically/the next time I start it?

You'll have to manually download the new build- Ren'py doesn't really do auto-updating. It'll essentially just be a second copy of the game, but with changes added.

I'm so happy to see some new updates :)


I'm excited~~  Thank you for your hard work!