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Would you smooch a ghost? How about a feline chef? A nautical walrus? A disco penguin or strange movie director bird? Or maybe a leader of the mafia is more your style? Or maybe you just want to befriend them?

Good news, you can do all these things! Welcome to A Date in Time, a fangame based around dating and/or befriending several of the kooky and colorful characters from A Hat in Time!

You, the player, will have to use your brains, brawn, and charm to win over these fun characters, but you won't go it alone! With you are some friends, here to help!

Hat Kid, Bow Kid, and Mustache Girl are here to help you by providing special choices in events, teaching you valuable tips, and, most importantly, helping you have fun!

Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim, Fangame, Feel Good, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBlog, Twitter

Install instructions

Be sure to have a zip file opener! This comes as a .zip file, so I recommend Bandizip or Unarchiver. Those are free and they work well.


A Date in Time 0.066 Conductor Update Patched - PC.zip 502 MB
A Date in Time 0.066 Conductor Update Patched - Mac.zip 484 MB

Development log


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Choose your waifu, date her and then FUCK her in this hentai game. Have fun, CLICK

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this is what i'm here for.

this is gods work.

good job

Can you add this to Amazon and/or android (sorry for any spelling mistakes/errors)?

yes, just, YES. y’all are going great! i absolutely loved the dialogue and the music made it better! this fan-game SHOULD be sold cause man, did you put a lotta effort into it! the art compliments the backgrounds well, and with the dialogue sprinkled on-top it felt great to play through! if y’all need a pixel artist, or just an artist in general, I’m hella down! hope that aDiT gets more recognition! (’^ v ^)

I Absolutely LOVE This Game. I Saw A Let's Play And Didn't Even Watch A Second Of The Vid Until I Played This Game. I'd Love To See More To This. 


Lately i just randomly stumble upon this fangame and this fangame is actually way better than i expected. Im looking forward to see more updates. Keep up the amazing work!

I noticed during my playthroughs that the "progress" bar would sometimes shift its marker off the left edge (probably because I got negative points with whoever it concerned). If you haven't already fixed/changed this, may I suggest having the marker start in the center, and have a label on either side to indicate dislike on one end and love on the other? like this:

I'll have to see if this is possible! The bar is engine-generated and not an asset we can create, (I can only make the frame and the filling texture,) so it might not be doable while having the bar actually work.

Maybe you could set the variable to half of the maximum value at the beginning? That might make the bar start in the middle?

I understand that it could be too much trouble, and otherwise, I think the current version serves its purpose. Thanks for replying, and good luck with the next update

That's a good idea, actually. I don't think it's too pertinent now, since we don't have a maximum point value set in stone yet, but I might go for that later, since it's not at all hard to change in the code.

Awesome! Glad I could help you out with ideas. Maybe I should get a credit in the final game ;)


I just wanted to do a flip for the minions... On another note, I can't wait to see how this game progresses!


I love A Hat in Time a lot, and I'm interested in The Conductor tbh.

I just saw this game because my friend showed a screenshot.

I can't wait once the full game is done! I'm so excited! 


My friend and I played this as a joke and we absolutely loved it man. One line the Conductor said about his train stuck out to us and we found it so funny I made this terrible thing. Please forgive me, I have sinned.

But really, this game was super good and I'm looking forward to more of it :D

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Will there be other languages in this game? I would like to see the Russian language
(lol, I am writing through a translator)


I hope you are prepared to face the music for your sins committed here, on this day,.


Do you ever plan on adding voice-acting? If so, I'd really love to be able to help! If you're interested at all, I have a small VA demo reel on my Casting Call Club page here: https://www.castingcall.club/m/LawyerLion

I can do a lot of voice impressions (I'm currently working on a Scottish accent!) for characters and what not. I showcase a lot of the voices I can do in this YouTube video (for lack of any better examples at the moment. The best voices come in at 1:38): 

Thank you for your time. I really hope I can be a part of this fun project!

dude ur pretty good hope u get to join them!!

The ZIP archive for the Mac version is broken.

i cant open it at all and i did extracted the files but my computer is thinking its a threat , what do i do? 

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um my laptop cant open this any tips?
 edit:nvm got it but dunno how to open the game...


Have you extracted the files? If so, click the A Date in Time application.

If you're using a Linux or Chromebook, unfortunately, it won't run. We haven't configured a Linux build yet but will for our next alpha release, and we can't make a Chromebook build. Our Engine (Ren'py) can't build to that OS, which seems to sadly be common with Chromebooks.

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oh thx! will try rn
edit:how do I extract files? sorry I've never needed to do it before
edit 2 (srry):ok so I did it now what? idk how to run it ;-;

edit 3 fixed its A-Okay!